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Rubin Singer


$75.00 USD

The ZIGZAG Pochette is fabricated in a signature  black and white  Rubin Singer textile that  was created for the "Future Primeval" collection which was inspired by the Nomadic Tribes of Northern Africa and Outer Mongolia.  Versions  of this particular "zig zag" motif have been found in several Far Eastern Oriental Tribal textiles.  Here, Singer has infused the traditional with the modern, by injecting a rubberized filament into the silk and viscose yarn.  Thus creating the raised, luminescent quality of the white, giving this graphic fabric an intensely dynamic and dimensional feel.  It is because if this unique engineering of the weave that makes this, seemingly heavy material so incredibly breathable  & light.  It is our most  breathable mask to date.  The Signature Pochette design enhances this breathability even more.  

The tightness and fit  is adjustable by moving the circular tension control locks.  It is lined in a 100% cotton batiste.  All Rubin Singer masks are hand washable. Air drying  and light pressing is recommended after washing.  MADE IN NYC.

All Rubin Singer masks are hand washable and reusable. After air drying, a light iron or steam is recommended. No two masks are the same each has a difference color variation and print.