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We consider it a privilege that you have chosen us for your a Couture Consultation. We strongly believe that an informed couture customer is a thrilled customer and that your clear understanding of our Couture Consultation Policy helps us serve you to our upmost ability. Scheduling and Cancellation Policy Our couture consultation deposit is $500. Non-emergency cancellations/reschedules require a 24-hour notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a charge of $150.00.* No-shows will result in a charge of $250.00.* To cancel/reschedule an appointment, please contact the Rubin Singer Atelier at 212-226-5880 . If it is after hours, please leave a message. *Please do not cancel or reschedule via email or DM on Instagram or FB*. The consultation fee will be deducted from the Couture clothing creation made just for you!. A detailed pricing quote/invoice for the garment will be provided after your private Rubin Singer couture consultation . The quoted price will include all garment creation, & fittings. For Couture orders under a 6-week delivery, there is a rush of 20% * If the cancellation policy is violated, the penalty fee cannot be refunded or applied towards future appointments. These Terms of Services (“Terms”) constitute the entire understanding and agreement between the Client (“the Client”) and Brandmakers, Inc. and its affiliates (“Rubin Singer Atelier”) relating to the purchase of an in-person NYC couture session (the “Services”) and supersedes and replaces any and all prior agreements, whether written or oral, that may exist between them with respect thereto. Consultations -The Rubin Singer team will reach out to the find an appointment time that best suits the Client’s needs. The client will receive appointment reminders via email/text 36 hours and 24 hours before the appointment. Due to the nature of the business--- no show or late cancelations (under 24 hours) will result in a non-refundable $150 fee, which will be deducted from the $500.00 reservation deposit. Invoicing and Deposits —At the time of the consultation, when the design, silhouette, and fabric is selected/agreed upon, the $500.00 consultation deposit will be applied to the cost of the couture piece. The full amount of the item is due upon receipt of the invoice to begin the garment/project. Gowns & Bridal- In addition to the consultation terms stated above . Estimates are only valid for 1 week -- after the allotted time the client will have to be refit and book another consultation appointment. Clients who decide to pick-up their dresses earlier or cancel alterations (if possible) will not be able to recover the deposit, and agree to accept their dresses in their unfinished state. If the consultation/fitting is performed more than 3 months before their event/ wedding the client does so at their own understanding that Rubin Singer/Brandmakers, Inc does not take responsibility for fit issues due to changes in measurements after the final fitting. Additional alterations and fittings will be billed at an additional cost. Service Complete, Pick-up or Shipping -- The client agrees to a completion date at the time of consultation. The 'service complete' appointment is scheduled at the time of consultation. Client is restricted from rescheduling said appointment to an earlier date unless approved by Rubin Singer/Brandmakers. If Client does not pick up garment at the scheduled time-- Rubin Singer/Brandmakers holds the right to charge any remaining remaining balance and prepare the garment(s) for shipping. Rush Fees apply to any services complete under the stated turnaround times: 6 weeks for Gowns & Party 12 Weeks for Bridal Gowns 4 weeks for Ready to Wear Reminder: Please bring your chosen footwear for hems and any shapewear, undergarments, belts, etc. that would affect fit on your garment(s).

Terms & Conditions

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“Creating beauty is a Responsibility for me. Pre-destined. I feel a great levity and importance in how and why I do what I do.”

“Fashion comes from whispers from inside me that create explosions for new creations to be born. These moments have to be captured and documented—once their gone, they can never be revisited. Its been described as a hurricane, but nothing is trash—even the designs on the sidelines have potential.I am not a perfectionist, but I know when something is not right . I ensure things are right —for ME!”

Design DNA

 Our unique genetic approach to fashion has recurring trends.. making everything we do “oh so Rubin Singer..” These are the foundation pillars of our unique art.

Spiral Drape

Circular drapes enrapture the figure with spliced spirals that elongate and punctuate the bodice. This is a way of incorporating the house signature of draping without creating superfluous volume, thus highlighting opulence without overwhelming the figure of the wearer. This ensures a uniquely dynamic delineation of the silhouette.

Piecework and paneling

Singer is an expert at harmonizing textiles, highlighted most eloquently in his use of piecework and paneling, which allow for optimum geometric and graphic freedom within a garment. Like artists before him, such as Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky, Singer utilizes shapes that highlight the most decadent aspects of couture and continues that same philosophy into his Ready to-Wear pieces. The garments have a sense of being sculpted into moving lines that create a unique motif to Singer’s work.


Hailing from all corners of the Earth in which textiles range wildly in origin the Singer studio is a connoisseur of texture in textiles. From the raw and traditional loom weavers of Peru and Mongolia to the finely manufactured silk jacquards of Cuomo, to the complex washes of Japanese technical denim, these surfaces both battle and harmonize with each texture bringing its own personality to create a rhythm in which the garment lives and reverberates .

Angles and edges

Angles and edges, are a defining aesthetic signature, fueled by the explosive rise and the deep, dramatic fall of the neck and the hemlines. Singer garments embody a femme fatale characteristic in that the garments produced in his New York studio possess a certain patina of anger particularly in their sharp edges. Angles on the shoulder tower past the head of its wearer into a point and handkerchief hems breeze the floor matching the severity of a sharp stiletto by which it is accompanied. Taking notes from both nature and architecture, the gowns and pieces embrace a biomorphic movement while retaining a modern sharp angularity.

Upside-down architecture

An architect builds from the foundation up. A couturier builds from the shoulders down. In this way the designer is an upside-down architect of the body. In this allegory where the shoulders represent the foundation, the waist is the supporting beam in which the design takes hold and becomes something exceptional. This design philosophy has carried through the Singer design process for generations.


A mark of a Singer garment is the competing glorious intricacies of the inside. Tubular and lattice networks either displayed externally as an exoskeleton or internally as a support network, take on an art of their own. This art is created in the structural boning in the garment’s foundation. The waist in a Singer corset is unequivocally cinched and snatched, and the form, then becomes the function.

In His Words

My inspiration and approach
to creating timeless art

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